About Espoir Soccer

Espoir Soccer is a non-profit organization that provides youth soccer coaching for children in the low income families.

It is designed to break financial barriers that restrict a lot of children from participating in organized sports. The program runs an 8-week training program that is designed to develop any child into a very knowledgeable, good soccer player. Soccer classes will be provided as after school programs in the low income schools. If you qualify for the low income status and are not at a low income school, your child can participate for free of charge with 2in1Soccer

Mission Statement

To provide access to quality soccer training to all children by removing financial barriers.


Our staff must provide us with a Criminal Record Check. Coaches and Assistants must have First Aid, or be willing to get First Aid within the first two weeks. We have staff from all different backgrounds, male and females who all bring in a variety of experience.


Must present a coaching license from BC Soccer, and a proven playing record. Coaches plan training sessions and share it with their assistants so they can work together at practice.


Must be currently playing for a soccer team, either school, college, or club. Coaching experience is not a necessity, but it’s an asset that improves your chances of working with us.


We are looking for soccer players with soccer knowledge that they can pass on to the kids. Volunteer coaches have the chance to build a lasting relationship with our program, thus increasing your chances of becoming an assistant coach or head.

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Contact us with any, feedback or questions. Even if you’re seeking for a volunteering opportunity.

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