Nexus Soccer League

Nexus Soccer League is provided by Espoir Soccer as means to raise funds for Espoir Soccer, but most importantly to raise awareness of little participation in sports from children coming from low income families, refugee families, and new immigrants.


Nexus Soccer League Street Soccer on turf

Our objective is to promote soccer players to be more creative and develop effective soccer skills

Nexus Soccer League (NSL) operates a 7-aside league for adults, and also hosts tournaments for youth and adults on smaller modified fields. Our objective is to provide an organized and fun environment for soccer players to showcase their soccer skills. The league and tournaments are played on smaller fields to allow players to have more time on the ball, smaller fields also encourage creativity and quick play; hence the term ‘Street Soccer on Turf’. The games are officiated to ensure fair play.

NSL provides an opportunity for players to stay in good health, playing a fun sport, and make new social network through the “beautiful game”; while supporting children from low income families to participate in soccer. Please note that Nexus Soccer League is an extension of Espoir Soccer, all proceeds support children in the Espoir Soccer Program. Espoir Soccer is a non-profit organization that provides youth soccer coaching to children from low-income families and in the inner city schools. Read more here.