About Us

Espoir Soccer is a non-profit organization that provides youth soccer coaching for children in low-income families.

It is designed to break the financial barriers that can restrict children from participating in organized sports. The program runs in 8-weeks cycles and aims to develop skillful players while promoting learning and having fun. Soccer classes are held in various Elementary schools in the Inner City of Surrey and are typically scheduled between 5 and 8 pm. Our program is open to children ages 5 to 13, of all genders and skill level.

Mission Statement

To provide access to quality soccer training to all children by removing financial barriers.


All administrative staff and coaches must pass a Criminal Record Check. Staff are from diverse backgrounds and bring a variety of experiences to the program. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must have First Aid or be willing to get certified within the first two weeks of employment. All coaches bring a passion for the sport, teaching and developing players.

Head Coaches

Head coaches must present a coaching license from BC Soccer and have a proven playing record. Head coaches plan training sessions and guide their assistants to implement their lesson plan. Head coaches mentor their players, assistants and volunteers while promoting teamwork.

Assistant Coaches

Assistant coaches must currently play for a soccer team in a school, college, or club. Coaching experience is not a necessity but is an asset that improves your chances of working with us.

Volunteer Coaches

If you play soccer and are looking to develop your coaching skills, we are always looking for volunteer coaches. Volunteer coaches who demonstrate a commitment to the sport and Espoir may receive assistance in getting certified and the opportunity to become a head or assistant coach.


Contact us with any feedback, questions and/or if you’re seeking a volunteer or work opportunity.